As a benefit to our members we've started publishing links and official PDFs to owner's manuals, navigation manuals and other Corvette specific resources. So if your manual has flown out of the glove box thanks to a wicked 0-60 run then feel free to peruse our catalog.

Manuals can be found under our Showcase page as well as appropriate new forums. I'll work on restructuring the showcase page to make things a bit less cluttered.

If you'd like to see some Corvette specific documentation please drop me a note. If you have a link to it even better. We will include it for the benefit of others.

The process of backfilling this content may take a while so be patient.
I find gloves to be comfortable, especially on long trips.
Certainly warmer on cold days.
And the car stays cleaner.
Or maybe I have mamby-pamby girly hands.....not that there's anything wrong with that.

It's called a glove box for a reason.
Or we could change the name to 'Owner's manual, insurance registration and gum storage compartment'
I guess you guys think that helmuts should NOT to be worn on the street either??
So we settling on gum lockbox here? My terminology is all European and we wear gloves more often than underwear or club med tshirts.

hmmmm....gloves ??? Europe???? Cub med and underwear .... Did I just hear a Canuck squawk.... Of course, it's so foggy overseas that driving with one hand on the wheel and one hand on the road is a necessity and does require at least one glove.... :rolleyes:
I wear gloves when driving in my Corvette.....
Is that not allowed!
I have a couple sets of driving gloves.

I use an app called Corvette DNA for Corvette info by year.
Helpful sometimes.


Darn... another app I can't even try out.... Maybe it's time to upgrade to a Priv... Hate it when technology leaves me behind....:Banghead:
Corvette DNA app....sample
( ignore the $value...that seems to be goofy)
( ignore the $value...that seems to be goofy)

Too late Graham.... You should have warned me at the top of the thread... I was scrolling down thinking... wow.... this is a pretty neat app.... when all of a sudden I reached the estimated value for my car.... :eek:

Luckily the doctors think there was no permanent heart damage..... :depressed:

Eric.... :p
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