Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
the moe seems intent on targeting the collector car hobby yet has an odd lah-dee-dah attitude toward potentially hazardous goings on. ontario has a ban on pesticides ,however , certain exemptions are granted. one such exemption is given to golf courses provided specific conditions are met. some of these conditions require publishing an annual report and holding a public meeting to present this report. any property owners with property abutting or within 100 metres must be personally notified of the particulars and given a copy of the report. my property and several of my neighbours border a local golf course. when the deadline came and went i made an inquiry with the moe. the golf course's response- oh we forgot. the moe gave them a stern "well,don't do it again next year " EXCUSE ME !!! THERE COULD BE GOD KNOWS WHAT GOING IN MY WELL WATER AND TARGETTING COLLECTOR CARS IS HIGH PRIORITY !!! :swear:
Two friends talked to two different go-to MOE guys about the old cars and emissions. Both came away with no answers to their questions. One of the guys is a retired Toronto undercover drug cop. He knows how to ask questions and had the MOE guy befuddled for answers during a 45 minute conversation. I believe that the MOE is a combination of money grab and political game player. As far as golf courses, I can see no reason why they can't just cut their dandelions the way the rest of us do. Oh, I forgot, the well heeled can't stand dandelions. They might throw the poor souls' game off. When I was a kid on the farm, my Dad did custom crop spraying with 2-4-D to kill broad leaf weeds. I sprayed hundreds of acres and I could taste the chemicals in my mouth by the end of the day. 66 and still kicking so I am either lucky or 2-4-D isn't as bad as claimed. That's not to say that it is good. There are just a lot worse chemicals out there that are killing us. Rampant cancer isn't just a coincidence. You would think that the golf course would be fined rather than lectured. Call your MP Mr. Del Mastro. I'm sure he would be more than interested to hear from you. :rolleyes:
She was the one I went to and got the MOE go-to-guy's phone number. He's the one my retired cop friend phoned. It's just a circus. At least now, with the Corvette, I only have to put up with them every two years for their little money grab. One nice thing about Peterborough Emissions Centre, if your vehicle is failing or close to it, they will tell you what probably needs to be done to correct the situation if you are inclined to do your own repairs. They only do emissions and not the repairs. Couldn't think of your MPP's name.
my mpp is laurie scott,mp is barry devolin. this golf course thing is infuriating.they put collector cars front and centre to create something out of a non issue . they then are able to take the heat off things that should scare the livin bejezus out of folks.drives me around the bend [probably a short drive] :mad:
As you all know, besides golf courses, farms are also exempt from the weed spraying ban.

Lemme think for a moment. It's okay to spray the food I eat, but I can't spray my lawn that I walk on!?!

As you all know, besides golf courses, farms are also exempt from the weed spraying ban.

Lemme think for a moment. It's okay to spray the food I eat, but I can't spray my lawn that I walk on!?!


for me it's about playing by the rules. one group is a target yet another is turned a blind eye to. shouldn't it be equal opportunity dishing out the crap ?
Farmers are at least trying to grow a crop. I'm not defending what they do. Chickens are wholesale vaccinated whether they need it or not. There are growth hormones and a lot of other stuff that I know nothing about. Golf courses have no better reason for spraying than we do with our lawns. Somewhere this summer I picked up a brochure from the Ontario government on how to have a healthy natural lawn. Of course the web address was obsolete but I did come up with this. Blog - A grub-free lawn...naturally - Ministry of the Environment
The golfers wouldn't want any of those slimy old weeds on their nice white shoes. Those scary frogs might put the chase on them too.....if the frogs are not already poisoned. The laws really are a bit of a joke in some cases. I'm sure they could do a house cleaning in the law books and do everyone a favour.
now if i put a crate motor in my car i am looking at hundreds of dollars in fines.GIMME A BREAK !!!!!!!!

Not if you put in a larger motor than what was offered when your vehicle was new if I read the regs correctly. Then it would be classified as a hot rod. It could still be subject to an emissions test though. The rules are kinda fuzzy. :confused:
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