Doug, Wednesdays still work best for me. We should definitely try to get a lunch in before Christmas.

Lets wait for a forecast of freezing rain mixed with say 10 or 12 inches of heavy snow and just go for it!! Maybe a compete travel ban thrown in as well. :rofl:
whaddaya think boys, time to resume the old winter get togethers ? del clark dropped in and we thought let's get somethin' goin'. :D murray, we'll watch the forecast for blizzards.........wouldn't wanna mess up yer record buddy :rofl:

:agree: Lets get together any time is fine what ever works,it will be good to see every one again.:D

Kent :seeya:
Doug, the date works for me but I don't think I can meet at the airport. I have to be back for 3:15 to pickup my Grand Daughter. I don't think I can make it back in time from there unless I just make a u turn in the parking lot.
anybody interested in having a lunch next wed, dec 10 at the chinese buffet ? good food and a good deal. sort of a pre christmas/end of the year get together. lansdowne and goodfellow, south side, say around 11:45 ? so far del, craig and i'm in. :D

When you get a date to do this i have 4 to add to the list.:D

Kent Paul Robert Bob Put us down to go thank you.:seeya:

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