Jan 25, 2009
73 Corvette Coupe
Well I finally found and LS1 and 6 Speed (with wiring harness and accessories) out of a 2000 Camaro for my car, but I can't afford them because of the new house and the fact that our DD is dying. It's even a really good price.

Now I'm just upset cause this is exactly what I was looking for 8 months ago when I had the money!

I already proposed the vette being the DD. I don't think I would want it to be a winter car though. For sure it would be in the summer. Handles good on dry clean asphalt, but on icy, salty highway? I think this dream may slip away for a while:(. On day though, the planets will align and Riley will get rear ended (maybe by me, I don't know yet) and I will buy his LS at friend rates.

Nope. Can't afford it right now (key being right now, it will happen). I just need to get the existing engine/carb tuned up real good for the year I guess. Anyone got advice for who to take it to that they would trust with a carbed engine??

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