Aug 20, 2010
Bowmanville Ontario
2007 Z51
Lowered pics after ECP


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Hey Cam , the suspension settled down nicely , stance looks totally murdered out .
She looks really good :agree: Black is a very nice color but needs alot of attention...I can see that vette is being very taken care of...:D
Lowered pics after ECP

Sorry to resurrect a long-dead thread, but this 'Vette looks so SWEET!!

How much/how did you change the stance--it looks SINISTER, Manny.

Love the rims too--what are they? I hope the Vossens I got coming will look as good as these. This is a really sweet looking car.:agree:
Thanks, The rims are DUB Redlines sitting on Perelli PZero Nero's 19's and 20's. And Manny jammed her down all the way!!!!Thanks again Manny

I think your link to the Dodge neon forum accidentally brought you here. Please correct your link and try again.
Why do folks install ugly black rims on their cars? are they Mennenite? or can they not afford nice rims? just wondering

Better than people in cookie-cutter cars all looking the same, no? Even if it's at risk for some coming out looking like real horse-pucky--which this car does not look like. It looks freaking sinister, man!!!:coolgleam:
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