Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
last couple of days we've had a cow moose hanging around. she's old and quite gaunt due to the bad winter. could be the same cow that was swimming past our place a couple of years back. yesterday she was on the golf course. impressive animals. :D

Yes, they are something else all right! I saw one on my way back from the mail at noon just a mile from my place and saw another one a few days previous just 1/2 mile NW of that location. If you've never been close to one you can't appreciate how large these animals really are.

Mom and Dad had a family of 3 or 4 that lived in the bush just a few 100' north of their house. I always thought it was funny that the dogs never bothered them at all. maybe they realized they were no harm or just that it was smarter not to borther something that much bigger than they were. It was a rough winter that year, some insect problems that burrowed under their skin and caused such terrible itching that the moose would rum themselves fur-less trying to soothe themselves. The consequence of the loss of fur being that they couldn't retain any body heat and they would freeze to death..........
Beautiful and very big animals. I did not see many this winter for some reason, lots of deer. I did however see a huge bull moose wandering around the town of Minden in February, didn't seem to have a care in the world.
Not a care in the world. That moose sounds like the old lady that the cop pulled over. It turned out that she had several guns in the car. When the cop asked her what she was afraid of, she replied, "Not a damned thing." When you are as big and strong as a moose, you don't much worry about predators.
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