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Apr 18, 2011
2007 Convertible
As most know, when adding power to any car, the weakest link will keep showing up until you have upgraded everything that can possibly break. (never happen).
I went to the track for the first time last weekend. Did an fairly easy launch and just wanted to make a pass to tune my shift points. Well, a few people told me the front wheels came off the ground !! I had to let off the gas because the 3-4 shift wasnt happening and cruised to a 10.70 time. I was happy with that considering.....
I adjusted the shift points and went to try again. Of course the thought of a nice picture (got someone to video) of the wheels lifting forced me to launch a little bit harder.... boom... broke a hardened diff output shaft. Amazingly clean break. The car was just like it was in neutral and didnt even make a sound of anything wrong, it just wouldnt move.
Time for DSS stubs... hopefully those will hold up. While its apart I am putting a billet intermediate shaft in the trans. I thought thats what broke and want to avoid that next weak link if possible.

That sucks that you broke, but on the flip side you have some good numbers and they will only get better now with your new upgrades.:coolgleam: Just nature of the beast with modding a car.
That sucks that you broke, but on the flip side you have some good numbers and they will only get better now with your new upgrades.:coolgleam: Just nature of the beast with modding a car.

Yeah, its part of the game for sure. Interestingly, my tranny guy called to tell me that when he was changing the shaft I bought he found the stock one had twisted. Maybe the next weak link avoided..!!
I still can't beleive you were getting front tire lift!

I hope this is the end of the snap crackle pop.

Manny has sent the word the car leaves on Monday! I'll have to be careful until I at least get it home. Maybe a few passes on Whyte or Jasper Ave just to let people know I'm there!


As I understand, it's the launching that breaks these... so those of us who road race/autocross are less likely to have this issue. Hit the pedal Garry!
A big thank you once again to Alex and Chris at ECS for getting me these DSS shafts overnight. I am the type that can be a pain and wants things done pronto, and ECS has come through again.

Picked up the shafts this morning. Even though I have never touched a corvette diff before, I was told changing these shafts was not too difficult so I went at it right away.

My beautiful and heavily corvette taxed DSS shafts....:confused:

Lets just say that by this point I was getting a bit nervous...:eek:

In the vice for more breakdown....

Now I'm thinking..... what have I done...:swear:

All back together and ready to be installed.:D

Truth is, its really no big deal to change these shafts. The longer one (left side) is really easy and the shorty just a little more involved.

A big thanks to my main man Seth at Federal, for helping me out when needed.
Good afternoon DrJer,

Sounds like good advice! I shall do just that when the opportunity presents itself. One thing I am looking forward to is being able to stay at WOT for longer periods of time on my Northern Alberta flat, straight and traffic free roads. I wonder when the car will arrive? Obviously it is not this week!!


Hey Garry. Track days at stratotech on the 6th of Jul and 31 - Aug if you wanna have a little fun. Not a long track but... Still, it's a track!! Lemme know if you're up for it :)
Good morning HLN A55,

I will think about this. I'm still not sure where the car is actually. On a train to Edmonton, on a ship to Russia, on the floor of a chop shop in Bangor.....!!

July 6th might (sadly) work out in terms of the cars actual arrival in Edmonton!

And it does sound like it would be fun and something to try once, twice maybe three times.

My son will still be gone with his mom and God knows I'd better be done spraying so it might be something I should try. I'll probably be one one having the most fun at doing the worst time anyway.

Are you going to be competing yourself?? What other cars will be there do you think??


It's just a lapping event. From 6-9. There is also a drivers class being offered as well if you'd like some formal training :). Myself and a buddy are both gonna be there. There is no timing so... No need to worry bud!!! Just go and have some legal fun!!!!
It does sound like it would be a lot of fun!

Almost done custom spraying, then do Dad's and that shoul dge tme caught up. It could time out well for taking this in, I'm sure it would be the sort of experience that I would like. I'd need to get the new Red Stuff brake pads bedded-in before hand though...........

But I am going to have to think about how to pull this off. it is the closest road track to me so it is not as if I'll be able to do this sort of thing all the time without travelling even further.


I forgot to post this up earlier. My car is back together for a week now and running great.

Might as well give you guys more to think about. This is what happens to the intermediate shaft in a 6L80 when you apply 800 lbs of torque. :nono:

Lousy picture but you can see by the splines that the shaft is twisted. Glad I found this weak link before it actually broke. :D

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