Aug 12, 2019
69 Stingray
My exhaust is pretty low and I scrape on some of these stupid high speed bumps in the city. I build my pipes 15 years ago at a friends garage and now that I have worn down my pipes to thin flat bottoms just after the collectors I no longer have access to a pipe bender. Has anyone used either of these shops?

Or if you recommend another shop in the lower mainland that would be great as well.



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I am of no help to you. I live on the prairies. But damn that is a gorgeous car. I love early C3's with the fiber optic light monitors and hideaway windshield wipers. What mods have you done to the car? I see coil overs for a start. What engine is in it?
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nice ride tristan

Here is my car show banner, I took the write up from ICBC as my Vette was Miss June 2019 here in BC. I am always modifying her:)

Gavins 1969 Corvette Stingray, “Miranda” is a real head-turner. This Corvette was a barn find from Nanaimo BC in 2005 and started its restoration to meet National Corvette Restorers Society standards, but in 2009 he decided that a restomod was better suited for city stop-and-go traffic. Gavin dropped in a Doug Herbert 383-cu-in stroker engine with a Holley Sniper EFI so he could lay the rubber on the road. Wilwood and SSBC braking system with a modern hydroboost stops Miranda on a dime. Ridetech adjustable Coilover suspension allows this
Corvette to be driven on the road or at the track. All original gauges, stereo, vacuum headlights and wiper cover restored to original working condition. The cockpit features black Italian leather interior with silver diamond stitching to compliment the custom paint. Gavin says. “It’s nice to get the thumbs-up from people who appreciate the Corvette.”


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