We got spoiled with sunny weather last year but the wrath of the weather gods turned on us this year. The buyers are still out there but the weekend tourists weren't out in the field. They were in the big building. The wussies. ;) I did buy tickets on the 2014 Corvette that the Cambridge Coping Centre is raffling off. A very worth while organization. I offered to drive the car back to Cambridge but alas they have a trailer for it. :):p
We also had an ad in Old Autos. Between that and the swap met I've done quite well. The real buyers are out to the swap meets regardless. The tourists were all inside the main building. Actually it sprinkled rain a few times but most of the time we just stayed outside. A raincoat is a handy thing to have on days like this. Sunday is looking a little better.
On Friday, setup day, I ended up down $60. I sold a $40 carburetor, bought an $80 airtight stove and $20 worth of tickets on the 2014 Corvette that the Coping Centre is raffling off. Today was the first day open to the public. I met The Crichton's son Tim who was there selling tickets. We had a nice chat. This is the first time that I have seen a 2014 up close. A very nice car but the rear end will need some getting used to. It does look better in person.
I was there yesterday in the mud! Should have brought rubber boots.

I didn't bring any of my cars, it was too miserable.

Lots of interesting stuff, gas pumps, signs, scooters, bmw isetta.

I also drooled over the C7. I agree, it's much nicer in person.

Blaine from Lakeside Auto also has a very nice example of a C5 inside the building.
It only has 25,000kms on it. It's for sale around the mid 20's I think.
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