Coping Display

I was talking to Glenn Crichton at the Coping display and bought tickets on the car that Manny is doing up. Glenn was a very nice guy and explained all that the Coping Centre does for grieving people. We'll be seeing him again on the 25th at Manny's shop for the big show there.. I came with Ray and he is in his '80s now and has a mind that is sharper than mine ever thought of being. He is into the Old, Old car and hit and miss engines and the like. He has parts for old cars that I never even knew existed. He's a great guy and is just full of jokes and in four days, I never heard the same one twice. Ken and I went to high school together starting in 1960, apprenticed together and both of us had COPO 427 Chevelles in '69. Still best of friends. We had a great weekend. The peak on the hat kept me white from the eyes up while the rest was beat red. I was definitely down a quart. ;) Thanks for the pictures Doug. :)
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