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Aug 23, 2010
Southcentral Ontario
1967 BBC coupe
Here's the story of a very unusual 1967 Corvette convertible from the town where navion lives - Midland, Ontario.

The trim plate, and matching story, on this car has never been seen before as far as we know. The car has undergone a complete restoration and its uniqueness has been confirmed in writing by Noland Adams.


Read the bottom line on the trim tag. It shows up at the 0:15 second mark of the following video.

DALILAH Presentation Show - YouTube

It's not the last 1967 Corvette built, but it is the last A.O. Smith body ever built, and the trim tag confirms it. The midyear bodies were built in two different plants and it's very odd that the A.O. Smith Plant would stamp that message into the tag. Subsequently, they did not build the C3 Corvettes.

The Story of A.O. Smith midyear bodies and the very last one

Notice who wrote the A.O. Smith body story - it's JohnZ. After reading John's excellent article, scroll down for the Midland part of the tale. You just never know what's out there in Ontario.

Is it Spring yet? :D
This photo shows a trainload of 1964 midyear A.O. Smith bodies destined for the St. Louis Corvette Assembly Plant.


No big block Corvettes and no Corvettes with side exhaust were built by A.O. Smith.
Oh...I thought you were just wanting us to welcome navion because you want more people with 67's on here!:rofl:

Very cool story! I really enjoy reading up on the history of the Corvette.
This is the post-restoration version of the car that was in Midland. I think it may have sold since. Being an A.O. Smith body, the side exhaust must have been added sometime along the way.


I love the look of the convertible with hardtop on, but it's pretty impractical for our climate. Southern California (where it rarely rains) yes. Just leave it off spring, summer and fall.

Here, the requirement for constantly lifting it on or off would get old real fast, I think. Guess that's why they invented soft tops, but I do like the look of the hardtop.



Have you ever seen the Midland '67 convertible? Do you know the woman who owns (owned) it?

Anything else to add to the story?

Too bad they didn't add other messages to the trim tags....like "You lucky bas__rd" on all the L-88 cars. :rofl:
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