Aug 6, 2017
2017 GS Convertible
We moved into a new place last fall and I had the builder add a couple extra lights in the garage. I have been looking for a product to upgrade my garage lighting and was almost ready to go with LED strip lights until I came across a utube review of screw in light bulbs:
What LED Light Is Best For Your Garage? Lets Find out! These Are good for Barns and Basements Also! - YouTube
After watching the entire video I was sold on product #3 and ordered 4 from Amazon.CA. They were ON SALE for just $29.99 CDN so it was an awesome deal compared to the Amazon.com price is still $44.99
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Amazon product

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I bought one from Amazon. It lasted about 3 months. Comes with a 30 day warranty.
Since that pissed me off, I bought the next one at TSC/Peavey Mart. That one quit working faster than the Amazon led light, but at least TSC offered a refund.
(these lights burn out one "blade at a time", until they're all burnt out.)
Next, I bought one from Cdn Tire, 2-3 years ago. *Knocking on wood* it's still perfect today.
Ya, I've had a few different ones. Some are good and some lost panels in a few months. It's a crap shoot it seems.
The best ones I've purchased are actually tubes to replace the fluorescent tubes. I removed the ballasts from them and they are super bright and seem to last a lot longer.
Super bright, I wish I had 4 lights, only 2 in my double garage.
If your garage ceiling is drywalled, add a dual plug and lamp socket and get some overhead fluorescent fixtures with LED tubes over the area you want to cover. You can suspend them with drywall plugs and hooks.
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That's awesome, finding the right garage lighting can make such a difference! 💡 It's great that you did your research and came across that YouTube review. It's always helpful to see real-world experiences. Product #3 sounds like a winner, especially at that sale price!
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