Sep 25, 2012
Dorchester Ontario
1990 ZR-1
Due to the old Multec Injectors being clogged from ehanhol, I recently had them changed to Delphi injectors. This made a big difference in performance due to the old secondary injectors being clogged. Unfortunately now when given gas the car has a very bad horizontal sway to the right. I have read where this is caused due to the slight movement at the transmission to cross beam, which GM corrected in the C5's. I am aware one can purchase C Plates from ZF Specialist in Arizona for $185. Seems like a lot on money for 4 plates. Wondering if any of you guys have experienced this problem and if there is another alternative to fixing this sway problem. Thanks

Sounds like my complaint about our 2005. Any time it breaks loose, the rear end goes right and the car would like to cross the centre line. The tires are 7 years old and getting a little harder than when new. I've had it break loose on the 1-2 shift and, if you weren't ready for it, you could be in real trouble. It happens pretty quickly. With the old Chevelles, when they broke loose, the rear end might drift a little with the crown of the road, but not all at once. With any car having positraction, you have to be careful. Some of this problem could be due to the rear suspension moving around, altering the caster and camber. I'm no expert, just throwing ideas out there.
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sounds almost like a "sqatting" problem similar to a hard launch when drag racing. in that situation one side of the rear suspension is adjusted differently from the other. can this be achieved with adjustable shocks for street use ?
I would be very surprised if anyone can keep a ZR1 straight when launching even up to 3rd gear! Believe me, mine always wants to go sideways in a big hurry and if you aren't prepared for it, look out because you will be in deep doo doo.
Are there any polygraphite bushing kits out there for Corvettes. I know they did wonders if firming up the old Chevelles. Straight polyurethane bushings will squeak and drive you crazy. The graphite lubricates. I've had it happen a couple of times where it feels like wheel hop. Polygraphite might be a good idea in these cars too to reduce deflection. With the old Chevelles, it was as simple as keeping the rearend of the car low. This kept the control arms in their right position to prevent wheel hop. Independent suspension is a little more involved and perhaps a little harder to control.
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