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Jul 6, 2012
none right now.
I very much enjoyed the trip to Manny's today. I'm quite certain this was the last run of the season; the weather is to turn this weekend. After 4 hours on the road the old '75 needed a good cleaning before going away for the winter. I thought I'd snap a few pics of it all cleaned up before it goes under the covers until spring.







and into the garage it goes...:seeya:

Sweet.....even better that when we saw her earlier, Greg.

I have insurance to next Friday but unless we get a decent day, mine will not go out again either.

Once again, was great to see you guys today -- Spring isn't far off and we'll meet up again.

Colin and the gang.
Sad putting it away for sure.........but at least it is at your place where you can go out and see it every few weeks...... I like to sit in mine and make varoom noises....and dream .
Was great on the road trip today, I really enjoyed following you, and that 75 of yours goes pretty good too..... LOL
Thanks Brian (and everyone else). I'm going to do some more interior work this winter (fix the tach, wire up some rear speakers) and probably some more chassis painting. Had a lot of fun yesterday with you guys. The OPP followed us for awhile north of Guelph on the way home; probably just wanted to make sure we got home ok. :)
It's nice having the car at my place, but the cover is keeping me from doing any interior mods over the winter--well that and the fact that my garage is not heated. A carbon fibre bezel would look awesome, same with an upgrade on the shifter and brake boots.
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