Aug 4, 2013
Sylvan Lake, Alberta
1971 LT1
Was out with my girlie yesterday, driving the Durango, heading on hwy 2a to wetaskiwin.
Look in the rear view... two C5s. Well it has to be Bearly flying and somebuddy!!!
Lookin good guys. hope you had fun. Wish I could have joined.
Yes, it was a nice little run, headed East out of Wetaskiwin, South on 822 and back in on 53.

If You would have been in your Vette, We would have recognized you.....

How's the car doing? Back on the road again?
The only real run I did with it this year was a nice drive around town, drove my sweetie to work. and took my son in law out on 53 to 815 and back. I had to get it on the highway once..
Its been in the garage ever since that run. noticed a few issues that need addressing before I can just jump in and go on a whim. So its parked for the winter.
Here's looking forward to warm weather again.
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