The stock cars are fast and can get twitchie (real fast) can't believe how many, want 500-700 HP... bad mix with several beers....

Hahah, Crazy isn't it Carl, but hang around this crowd a little more and DaSilva Motorsports Inc for a while longer and you'll understand.....:D

For me it's somewhat a result of the first horsepower race back in the 50's 60's and early 70's -- when I was a very impressionable teenager.....

After a long and all but hopeless power sabbatical, we find ourselves right back in the thick of it.............tho the pocketbook isn't so enamoured, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!:D

One thing I found out pretty quickly while getting a feel for our car. When these things break loose, they definitely don't want to go in a straight line. The short wheel base doesn't help the straight line either. The Chevelles we had would break loose too but generally went in a straight line as long as you held the steering wheel steady. Elbow on the arm rest and hand on the wheel. I definitely wouldn't be trying to put much power to the ground without slicks, and I would be heading in a straight line when I did.
Too much HP?

All of my Corvettes over the years, would just squat and GO .. my 66 427-425 (not so much) It had Yokohama radials on 8 inch rallies, and it would sit and spin and move right, then straighten out.. Pull 2nd gear, and it was hard right (God I loved that car) Run along in 1st, with clutch hooked, and it was..squat and GO! ...factory sidepipes pull to 115 in 3rd and pull 4th and still go....go go


  • 1966 427-425 4 SPEED TEAK WHEEL LEATHER SIDE PIPES 001.jpg
    1966 427-425 4 SPEED TEAK WHEEL LEATHER SIDE PIPES 001.jpg
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i never thought of the corvette as having a short wheelbase. i used to drive an 02 jeep tj, that was short, but real fun on ice. lol
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