Found that and a few more good sights in my travels last evening Brian.
Some good reading indeed.
By all accounts a pretty good engine and one I hope to get more familiar with.:)

Amazing what you can get out of the L98...but at what cost? I just spent a bundle to get a blown head gasket repaired, however if yer wallet is fat....

labour intensive, but really no different from a gen 1 small block. if you are lucky enough to have access to decent facilities it is an easier job if you pull the engine. l98 heads are an angle plug head, so when buying headers make sure they are compatible and have adequate plug clearance. :D
Maybe time does make the heart grow a bit fonder I think LOL

I had one in my Trans Am. Blew a manifold gasket, head gasket, numerous Mass Air Flow sensors (at $700 ea back in the day) plug wires (even with retainer clips) always fell off and performance with the AC on was quite poor. Valve stem seals dried out and had to be replaced as they caused the engine to burn oil. All this with less than 140kms on the odometer. And my TA was slower than all the comparable mustangs of the day.

Finally at 140kms the head gasket failed again and the motor threw a main bearing requiring the installation of a ZZ3 crate engine.... Which also had valve and oil burning issues.

Personally I don't think you can do better than an LS gen motor right now but I think there was definitely a learning curve.
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