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Dec 16, 2012
2002 Z06
Well 636 to be exact! We had Justins 2010 CTS-V back on the dyno after a few mods.

Dasilva spec CNC LSA heads (stage 1)
Dasiliva spec cam 23x/23x 0 degrees of overlap
LPE pulley upgrade
Alky meth kit

All this gained over 90+rwhp!!!!

Here is the before and after

I'll post some video's shortly!

So nice to meet you finally today Arun -- Could chat all day about what's happening there and your plans for the Chicago 1/2 mile ....... :D Best of luck attaining 190 ...... with well over 1000 ponies at hand we know you'll get there.

Many thanks for bumping my GS up rather nicely -- and for the future dynos/tuning in a couple weeks after the meth install.:D Yes I did go ahead with it so it's on order and I'll be back soon for another 'round' of tuning. :D

Great job on the Caddy -- That's a luxo-ride with some serious giddyup.

You still thinking 100 on mine with just Alky? I'll take it for sure if it's there....:D

See you in a couple weeks.

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