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Mar 27, 2013
Red Deer ,Alberta
2000 pewter
Bought a 2000 pewter hardtop for my 39th birthday. The guy I bought it from had it 2yrs and only drove 500km. He included a set of 20" back , 18" front Weld racing wheels and Michelin 335 30ZR20 , 265 35ZR18 tires he got from the original owner.
Does anyone have experience with this kind of set up? I'm nervous about putting them on. I imagine the 1st owner had them on at one time so not really sure why the anxiety.
Thanks for any response.
Happy Birthday, welcome to our happy forum, and a hearty congrats to you and your C5.:canada:

As to your questions about tires, wheels and fitment:
Here's a link to the possible size differences and compatibility, and Manny (Nasty98) of Dasilva Motorsports would know right away if fitment within the wheel wells would be a problem.

Tire size calculator

Good to confirm size changes to make sure it's within practical and safety limits , so anxiety is understandable.
Only thing I can offer from my experience -- other than not exceeding about 5% variance in circumference (see link) is that from what I've been told is that going up or down 1 size is an acceptable variance from OEM... Any good retail tire outlet will share that with you.
Anything beyond that I would have to get an opinion from a pro like Manny who has done these kinds of mods for many years and knows the limits from experience.

Tire size calculator


For the Active Handing/Traction control to function correctly, you should have a difference of 0.5" to 1.5" in diameter between the front and rear tires. You have a difference of 2.6" with that set up which may throw a code or maybe it could activate the AH system if it thinks you are out of control. You can defeat this by turning off the AH/TC but it's not recommended purely for safety reasons.

As stated above, Manny would be your best reference.
welcome to forum. and happy birthday, wish my 39th would have been as nice as this.

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Welcome to the forum neighbor!! Yes when you get a chance we all love pics! I just sold my 2000 pewter to my brother this past fall. Beautiful color.....I'm sure you will love your C5..........great BD gift!!
Happy BDAY and welcome--post some pics of this thing up for us!

Always excited to see another Albertan in the mix. I think we might have enough for a meet this summer--somewhere between Red Deer and Edmonton. Would be fun to park at an A&W or a DQ, or a Timmies--whatever and get to know our brethern out in the West.

Any plans for mods on your car other than the wheels?

As everyone has stated, Manny will be able to help with anything you require at this time.


Welcome to the Forum Strayhrk.

Xlr8r,Sounds like a Great idea..

Ponoka would be between Red Deer and Edmonton, Any dates in mind?

Anyone? Everyone?
We can certainly look at meeting up somewhere this summer.
I put the wheels on and they're close, looks flush with the outside and can't be much more than 1/2 inch to the inside well. Took her for a quick drive and didn't hear any rubbing and there isn't any signs of rubbing on the wells, so I'm cautiously optimistic.
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