It looks like I may be setting the Show and Shine back 1 day, due to the knights of Columbus have a show on the 5th as well. Also I am moving the shoot to either March 7th or 14th. Let me know if you are available. Thanks.
I'm available for the Shoot! I figure since I don't have any vehicles to bring and I'm as big as a bus, the girls could just model on me!:rofl:

Do you want me to change the title of the thread to the 6th so people know what day it is on? I can't wait!!!! Two car shows in one weekend! Yahooooooo.
next time you are under the car use a test light and see if you have power at the sel. with the key turned on in the start position . yes you will need another hand unless you have really long arms lol. this will tell you if the ignition switch is working properly . the wire on the selenoid (the small wire)basically pulls in a magnet to allow the major power go thru to turn over the starter moter.
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