Mar 13, 2010
2007 Z06
Ive booked the track in London for July 22nd which is a Friday....will be $60 per car up front by Thursday July 14th as full payment is expected in their hands on the 15th....Rainout day is the following Friday the 29th. You can give me your $60 in cash, by email money transfer or money order...ive done a few of these in the past couple years and its always been an amazing time....track will be prepped and hooking so no worries their its all been negotiated in the $60/car fee....all money is going directly to the track i am not doing this to profit but rather to get a group of car guys together for a day of 1/4 mile if 100 cars show up then the track makes $6000 and if 20 cars show up the track makes $1200 either way its $60 per car up front with a 15 car minimum...i already have about 6 cars just phoning a few buddies so getting the 15 shouldnt be a problem...if you wish to attend please reply a s a p...hope a bunch of you can make it out to this..itll be a ton of fun...
so far i have 1 supra,1 2010 acr viper,2 Vettes,1 Shelby,1 Cobra Termy,about 5 Fox Body Mustangs, so a good can invite friends to watch for free, each car racing must come up with $60 cash,email money transfer or money order no later then July 14th at noon and preferably much sooner....this will be a good turnout...just to let everyone know that should it rain the default rain day is the following friday the 29th but lets all plan on the 22nd being great weather....please post if your coming and pm me to let me know how you wish to pay and ill let you know where to meet me,wire the money or send the money order....
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