High RPM Poster
Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
Just had Manny put on a set of Jesels & Pushrods as was thinking of going to a higher cam in the near future.
Also added a Corsa Extreme exhaust to the car for a deeper and louder bark to Not2melo now at WOT.
Here are a few pics of the install that he did, great work thanks Manny :D



Also installed a Katech valve cover set and coil relocation kit with LS7 coils, Taylor wire set, Scorpion fuel
rails and fancy fittings, here is another photo, still need to paint the coils blue and maybe the FAST intake
during the winter months along with blue colored wire tubing to clean everything up.

Looks like you've been keeping Manny busy!

Not only looks great but it probably sounds pretty mean...:coolgleam:
Nice set of improvements!!! Which cam are you considering. If I had gears in my ride I would have gone with the VRX6 :)
Thanks guys the rockers look great but the Katech covers look great also.
Due to clearance issues I grabbed the set of covers off another forum member as did not
want to go with valve cover spacers. The Jesels need some additional room due to their
size. I would love to add a VRX5 or a VRX6 cam if the drivability would be good as the
current VRX3 that I have already. I have some wire cable covers that I will be adding soon
to make things look a bit cleaner under the hood.
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