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New C5er

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Jul 25, 2012
Fraser Valley B.C.
2002 Convertible
Hi can some one tell me where I can order those hockey puck metal jacking supports for my c5. Would like to get them real soon as out here it will be rainy season soon and time to change oil and hibernate the car. As I live in a small town the local garage will change the oil for me without putting it on the hoist as I'm leery of that cause it's a roadster, and keep hearing of twisting bodies on hoists. The car is only two miles away, so car won't be even warm by the time I get it home. Thanks in advance. Also thanks for all the other help and comments so far. This is a vette comunnity that seems to stick together and care about each no matter how far away.
Jacking pucks...

Thanks Steamer. Just to let you and anyone else know that I might be on this thread asking a lot of ""is this or that" the best part to get for my vette questions.
The other choice you have is to use regular hockey pucks !!

The hard rubber easily takes the weight, and the pucks are sure readily available !

Just a thought.

Tony, welland
Hey We're :canada: CANADIAN :canada: How could you use anything but our National Vulcanized Rubber symbol of freedom? :canada:
Don't buy those overpriced American or Chinese items.

Get the brother-in-law into production on these lifting pucks. I think guys are selling them with nothing more than an eye bolt through the middle to go up in the slot in the frame and quarter turn to stay there. If I look hard enough, there may even be a few old pucks still around the house from when our kids were still at home. HMMMMMM.
as I'm leery of that cause it's a roadster, and keep hearing of twisting bodies on hoists.

I recently changed the wheels and tires on my Y2K Roadster, and I jacked it up and took to my tires shop.. I found it interesting, that the car actually lifted off the front safety stands, as I jacked the right side NO BODY FLEX lol lol lol
If there's anyone that can attest to the stiffness of a c5 rag, it would be Manny. He's running a significant upgrade over stock (is significant the right word?LOL).
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