By 10 I was sleeping! We did leave at 8, I guess the waitresses watch doesnt work.:D ( either that or she doesnt care) I am going to go with the part in brackets!

Hi...LATNC5 and myself went there a little later last Thursday and missed everyone. I will be back in Saskatoon sometime soon. :coolgleam:
Not sure when my next trip to Saskatoon will be...thinking next month...I will give you advance notice. Last Friday I got my plates for the C4 and will be driving the C4 down there. The C4 is nothing fancy, but a solid driver car. I will insure it in the next few weeks. With the Regina Corvette Club hosting the convention later this summer, I will drive the C3 then and maybe a few time prior, but the C4 will be the ride of choice this summer. :canada:
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