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Feb 5, 2009
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We are so proud to have been selected as Supervette's Sales and Installation Center For Canada :canada:

Look for some up coming Supervette's builds from your One Stop Canadian Corvette Specialists @

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Thanks guys , we are working very hard to bring together the best possible componnets for our builds . This allows us to be cutting edge in everthing we do .
Wow ! You guys are gonna be so busy we'll have to make a reservation months in advance ..

I can just see us now , like the kids lining up for rock concert tickets ...,with our tents , lawn chairs and sleeping bags ,.. all lined up out the driveway .. :eek::eek::D
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Congrats! This is great news! I get updates on FB about new kits and/or projects. Probably my favourite wide body kits on the market. This is so good for you and your business.:thumbup::cool::beer:

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let keep canada working keep up the good I am a new vette own Ilook forward see your shop soon- form-badboy2 { as thay say only in canada}:canada:

Thanks so much , we are so excited to have this product line in our shop and in Canada .

Looking forward to meeting you and seeing you C6 .

Drop in anytime for a visit :canada:
I know Supervettes offers a tinted version of the LED tail lights. Are you able to check and see how much they would cost?

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