well, i will not put a pic of my wife because if its not the right picture she will kill me so here is a pic of me!!!!
So what you do is catch her naked sleeping then she won't care!!!! LOL
I am unable to post a picture of myself because of my involvement with other car groups in the past and I have since tried to remove myself from the DARK SIDE but the "Force " is strong :coolgleam:

Dat's me!
And in 25 more days I'll be a much happier dude once again!


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That's me on the right and ctdrl-1 on the left last month at Winstons having some beers. As you can see it got a little wild!


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Me and The Girlfriend on hollidays touring the West Coast Canada and U.S, picture at a drive in theater...... Never been to one before!!
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