Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
i decided to do a little off road tour today. i took a drive through some of the back fields at my cousin's farm. i came across a 1955 plymouth belvedere 2 door hardtop. it would have been a beautiful car in it's day. black roof and lower body with what looked like at one time a pastel yellow mid section. it was too cold to get out of the truck for a good close look but i will go back. very neat styling, just a hint of tailfins and the hooded headlights. :coolgleam: nobody had shot it up either !!!
Back in 1993 my brother and I flew up to a lake south of Chapleau to fish. We weren't flying all that high and I was amazed at the number of cars parked out behind places. Many wouldn't even be seen from the road. If nothing else, a lot of them might still be good parts cars. It's just a matter of finding them.
the 55 belair gets all the glory but the 55 plymouth really was a beautiful car too. powered by the dodge poly head motor i imagine the performance would be acceptable for the day as well.

yes and apparently parts were interchangeable with hemis of the day.
IMHO Mopar had the edge under the hood back then.
They may not have looked as pretty as the Chevs and Fords of the day but under their hoods lurked some real performance.

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