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Jul 6, 2012
none right now.
Since the dyno numbers for my 383 build were announced, I've had a few people pm me wondering where all the horsepower had gone. I myself am quite happy with the results and found a couple of magazine articles that might help explain it.

The first one is a '72 Vette with a 383 from Super Chevy mag. The engine looks to be using the identical heads to mine with a slightly hotter cam. It made 285 rwhp and 335 rwtq. They later change the heads to AFR's and install a roller cam.

383 Stroker Upgrades - Project Homewrecker - Super Chevy Magazine

The second is from Car Craft mag where they do some engine dyno vs chassis dyno comparisons on 2 vehicles. Helps explain things I think. No doubt I'm loosing quite a bit through the TH400 with a non-locking converter.

Drivetrain Power Loss - Car Craft Magazine

As I said earlier, I'm very happy with the results and they are pretty much what I expected. :)
I think those numbers are great for the 383.....267 at the wheels is about 330 at the crank....not too shabby at all, and the torque at the wheels is even better at 310 which equates to 380 at the crank. and that's at only 20% loss!

LOL, those are major league numbers and ones that'll push the Shark along very nicely....

All that and the engine is built 'Dasilva Motorsports Tough' .. That engine should last forever.

Congrats -- you're gonna love it I'm sure. Can't wait to see it in person.

Great articles btw -- which explain a lot about hp and driveline loss.

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