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Oct 13, 2009
Morpeth Ont Canada
2005 Corvette Coupe
RBC currently insures my 2005 vette, however, should I install headers the vette can not be insured. Crap! :mad:

Is this a real insurance problem for vette owners, or are there insurance companies that will insure such vehicle. :confused:

Any suggestion , email me appericated, [email protected]
Why would you ever tell an insurance company you installed headers in the first place?

Unless your going mod crazy (ie. 20k+) in mods I wouldn't say anything.

Did you buy the vette used? You can say you bought it that way if they ever ask. Play dumb... tell them it passed the safety when you bought it ...how would they know? That goes for anything.

Besides, if your car is a write-off the adjuster is going to walk up to the car... say yep its a write-off after receiving the dealerships quote then hand you a cheque a few days later =)

Don't stir up a hornets nest when are sleeping =)
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