Oct 23, 2010
saint john nb
what is the process AFTER a person brings a vette across the border. I received a letter from RIV that the c5 needs to change bumper absorbers & child restrant, but i have been told by others that this non-sense. Also my DRL has amber lights, i think all i have to do with this is exchange the amber bulbs with white? Any info would be great as i am a new owner of a c5.
Interesting. It may have to do with your insurer. I did not have to change my bumber inserts when I brought my car up two years ago. I did not have to do anything to do with DRL's as the ambers corner lights are on all the time and that passes as a DRL. There is no back seat in a Corvette so the child restraint does not apply from what I recall. This is all dealing with stuff in Saskatchewan. I'm not too sure how sticky they are in NB... although the DRL's and child restraint stuff is a federal issue so you should be just fine. I don't think DRL's have anything to do with color as Trans Am's, a host of Dodges, and other vehicles would be in trouble.

PS, don't forget to post a picture of your Vette!:D
I brought a 02 convertible into BC in May of this year and had none of the problems you are having with RIV. According to their website, the lenses have to be marked "DRL" which the factory ones should be. Also, there was an issue several years ago regarding bumpers but that was changed. I suggest talking to someone at RIV who has better information? What year is the car?
unfortunately this is the reason that i probably wont ever import a car from the US. for ever 7/8 people that never had a problem, there's one person that has a brutal experience "just because"...
Your local Canadian Tire can do the Federal inspection. Take it there with your letter, but that doesn't sound right anyways. The bumper issue was a C6 problem and it's been resolved. The child tethers are not required as it's a 2 seater. IF you need them your local GM dealer should install them for free, or so I was told at CT.

Amber bulbs are fine for DRL's.
My '02 has amber DRLs....and I recall the child safety seat tether is required on coupes, but not verts.... any dealer sells them....it's just a clip and bolt... most everyone I know that got a letter stating the tether is required, didn't have to install it, they just showed they had it...
I finished the registration on my 04 Z this morning, and had the Federal in spection done last night at Canadian Tire. Took less than 5 minutes, and she said the baby seat anchors are not available for the car. Had an email waiting for me this morning from RIV advising the importation is complete, and I will have my sticker in 7-10 days to prove it.

I don't know if the OP has been back since he posted, but you have 45 days from import to complete the process or the vehicle has to be removed from the Country. Mine has taken 3 days total start to finish:D

We're legal now!
Beauty! Finally putting the licence plate on my car was one of my happiest days ever! I'm sure it will be for you as well. Thanks for the update and the info reguarding the 45 day limitation!
It is a lot quicker now then in the past. My neighbour and I brought a SSR pickup from San Fran across in July. He was really fortunate and in less then 24 hours had it inspected, plated and insured. Here in B.C., RIV has an office at the truck crossing and with this latest technology,email, things happen fast.
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