Nov 12, 2013
Calgary, Alberta
2014 Z51
Deanna A: General Motors has imposed a stop sale order in respect of the 2015 Corvette with option code UQT, Performance Data Recorder.

Deanna A: The Performance Data Recorder (UQT) in these vehicles, when used in conjunction with Valet Mode, allows a customer to record the driving of their Corvette when the vehicle is not in their control. In Valet Mode, the PDR will also record activity and conversations that take place in the vehicle.

Deanna A: To ensure that the Performance Data Recorder (UQT) and its use are consistent with Canadian legal requirements that pertain to audio recording devices, we will be requiring a very important update to the system of each affected vehicle in the near future.

Deanna A: Until this update can be installed on the affected vehicles, our dealers are not permitted to sell or deliver any of the affected vehicles.

This was her response to my request for more info on the recent constraints.
One is politics that you cannot control. The other is a right you have NOT to be recorded without judicial authorization. In Canada, there must be reasonable grounds and authorization to record someone specific to establishing their wrong-doing and it is a right that we all have. As much as we hate it when we are honest, law abiding citizens, opening that door puts us all at risk for contrevening the law, even when it is a normal part of day-to-day living.


1. In some countries in Europe (Croatia for one), vehicles have punch cards that are locked from the operator and only punch to the highest speed driven. A police officer stops the car, pulls the card and issues the driver with a speeding ticket for that vehicle speed....regardless of when and where it occured and who was driving. This may be dated info as I havent been to Croatia in a few years....but let's look at the Canadian side of things.

2. Vehicles have a black box that records only the few seconds prior to an accident and can be examined. Police need a warrant for this and it is still very seldom used in court because of legalities all around. Does the box belong to the manufacturer of the auto or the owner?

So, let's take this thought and now allow the 100% recording of our driving, making us subject to stop (without reason) at any time and examination of those recordings for charges...

The concept is EXACTLY the same as we have now moved the Charter of Rights over just a bit to enable the recording of a person for an offence, without any thought, proof or grounds that they have the intent to commit an offence.

Just a thought... Think about this the next time you are driving down the street and over the speed limit...by as little as 1Km/h. Or wait... we could now carry this further.... vehicles that don't go over the speed limit...or vehicles that don't start until a seatbelt is fastened... eheh

Having said this... if GM would never have mentioned this as Valet mode, there would have never been any difficulty whatsoever. There is nothing illegal with having audio and video recording ability in a new car. Heck, I'de love to see the expressions on my passengers face in the new Z06...nothing illegal... There is no intent to record to record an illegal act. There is no fishing.
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I think that GM will either disable the PDR while in valet mode, or have the screen display a warning with an audio loop with an audible warning in English & French.

But then there is the issue of when the system is not in valet mode, and you lend the car to someone else but have the pdr on, what then? Can you have the screen showing the radio while the pdr is in record mode? If so then this gets more complicated.

In the end, it may require that while in pdr mode, while the car is in record mode, that at either a certain event (recording starting, parking brake off, put into drive , 1st gear) or time limit that you have to touch the screen to acknowledge and consent.

I'm happy with my $15 PDR solution. TorquePro app, OBDII Blue Tooth dongle and my cell phone.
Soooo, if I have cameras with sound recording at my office, and I record someone while I'm not there, who is there legally or otherwise, I'm breaking the law??????

Now, I will post a large note in 35 official languages, explaining in detail that they are about to be recorded and please sign, date, eye and fingerprint the scanner and notorize the attached document, take one copy for yourself, leave two copies for me and my lawyer and take a photocopy just in case a copy is lost.

Your not if you have visible signs saying that there is a surveillance system in use and they are not in the a place that a person would expect privacy, like a bathroom.


Actually the key is the privacy issue. Although your showroom can be considered as private and not public, a general member of the public can enter, much like a department store. There is no express invitation to a specific person. Believe it or not, when you give your valet keys to park your car, you are making an invitation to enter your private place.

It is a real grey line... For example, there is no problems with posting cameras in your showroom, however, might you think there would be in your bosses private office where you only go on invitation?
I still think the easiest solution would for GM to have the dealership PDI rep place stickers on the windows (like in cabs) that you may be recorded.

After delivery the owner can then choose if they want to take these labels off or keep them to warn their 16 yr old Valet Driver.

Who else agrees with my easy KISS solution?

This suggestion is strictly my personal position and does not reflect the position of Gateway Chev and affiliates or GM Canada and affiliates.
Yes that would be great Owais... While we are at it let's make those visor decals capable of being removed.

Anything on Z06 pricing yet? Why are we so far behind?

Still no update on the Z06 prices in Canada. I wish I knew why we are so behind. But as soon as prices are made available to me and I have authorization to release them I will be posting them here for all to see.
You have posted your tidbit in two threads....a tidbit that seems to go against what has already believed occured. Dealers were told what they were getting for allocations already (ie Ojamali above your post who posted his right on this site). My dealer stated they were being allotted one as well and I can rhyme off several in Canada who also told me that they were given so many.

The only thing I might imagine is a restructuring of numbers as GM has made it known that they wanted to increase total numbers of the Z06...

Let's here any news you have.
I know some dealers were told but as far as I know they haven't been officially for real been told yet. One dealer in Edmonton told me he was getting 6 Z06's. What I was told was dealers would be finding out for sure next week how many they are really allocated.
The number of 28 speculated for Canada just isn't possible to allow each Corvette dealer at least one across the country. Just in AB I was checking all the dealers there add up to close to 20 plus on what they were telling me. Let's see what happens next week and if my source is any good.
I just hope they open up more allocation early next year.
So I heard from a buddy today who lives in Calgary who spoke with his neighbor who is a GM executive of some sorts that Z06 sales in the States aren't as high as expected so it's opening up more allocation for Canada. Maybe that is where that 70ish number is coming from. Let's hope we hear this week...........
A GM executive stated that sales of the Z06 aren't as expected in the US? Really? I am hazarding to guess you haven't an allocation. Heck none of us really do until we hit 2000 status.

Everything I have read has sales in the States exceeding expectations for the Z06, so much so that you can easily find dealers in Chicago, Texas and Cali throwing a 10K premium on their allocations. Maybe I haven't been following things that closely and...maybe they will open up and push Z06 sales...who knows...
SO many rumors floating really don't' know what to believe these days. I have a 2Lt Z51 2015 Stingray on order with allocation but option to upgrade before it goes into build to a Z06. 3rd on the list at my local dealer, they say they're suppose to get 2 for sure but pushing for 3. Wait and see game until official allocation numbers are released. If you hear of any open Z06 allocation anywhere in Canada do let me know.
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