Jul 3, 2013
1969 C3
Re: 1969 C3
When turning on the wipers with the key in the "start" position....nothing happens.
There is an audible click coming from somewhere under the dash...perhaps a relay...donno.
Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.
My wipers were doing the exact same thing. When I turned them on I only got a click (actually coming from the wiper motor) but they would not move from the park position. Pulled the plug from off of the wiper motor and cleaned all the contacts. Put the plug back on and then they worked! Hope this is your solution.
Thank you.
I have power at the wiper switch and the audible clicking noise that appears to be coming from under the dash area as previously mentioned.
However, I am not getting power at the actual plug at the wiper motor itself.
I am reluctant to remove the upper console (where the guages are housed) as in behind looks like a dogs breakfast of wiring.
Also, in doing so I may disconnect some of the existing connections.
I was hoping for an easier solution.
Perhaps I just gotta grow a pair....lol.
ugh! I know what you are talking about! Not with the C3 but when I look up under the dash of my Chevelle it looks like a rat's nest of wires. I get the same grossed out feeling about having to deal with that mess. Best of luck with finding the fix!!! I wish I knew more about it.
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