Jan 27, 2014
2020 z51 red
Yeahhhhh !!!!
My order will be accepted tomorrow!

Cfz on constrain.

Torch red
black int.
Chrome wheel
Trans. Roof
Cfz on constrain

May be change wheel for nickel and add pdr. Long night to go.final change tomorow

Thank all
Finally i add pdr and black wheel .
Figure 93k $$$

C7 2014 with 12000 km for sale!
Finaly v.i.n. 6075 is safe at home. Z06 1LT, A8, pdr, level 1aero.It's unbelivable, it's insane, the devil is on that car. First impression after 500 km an the transition after 11 month and 15k km of running base c7 manual:

power is crazy, no comparaision possible with lt1,
Brake is also hot and easy mild stop.
Pdr is mandatory and good quality.
a8 smooth: shift of a8.
Look crazy and love black wheel (have chrome wheel on my 2014 du to constraint), love the h.u.d., make 13.3 L./100 km versus 9L /100km base manual c7

Con :
A8: for now i don't like the a8 transmission, i have to change my mind of my manual 7 , different power and also break in period, but in manual mode i have to shift like at 4000 rpm to not hit the redline in full trottle on 1 gear, power is so hot the tach is uncontrolable and raise fast as your eye clim. Also when i hit gaz take small time to donwshift( i repeat i run one year with manual and i have some habit) also i run smooth for break in so the trans learn that. When i play with car seem to would be more nervous after that but stopping to break in. Also when i left trottle after hard acceleration power climb maybe one second more than my command and one second of 650 hp is lot of kmh and drifting, i dont know if is the supercharger or/and auto trans but feel weird. I probably learn is fonction i appreciate them latter but for today i miss my loved manual.

Plastic near radio seem different and not as good. 1lz vs 1lt, maybe it just and impression.

So more update latter but i will say huge thank for all advice and good word, nice community. And specialy thank to allflash for this allocation, without her info i never run z today .....

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