Sep 9, 2014
Anybody using obx exhaust?

I went to see the local speedy muffler just to compare it to a basic cheap and this was actually cheaper than what he could offer me at speedy muffler.

Plan is to order it and then get him to spend an hour installing. Only crappy thing I have found on reviews is that the supplied hanges and clamps are garbage. Speedy muffler said they would just adjust as needed and probably weld to keep the weight down. booyah.

OBX Catback Exhaust System 86 87 88 89 90 91 Chevy Corvette C4 5 7L L98 with Cat | eBay
Too many exhaust systems are poorly designed from a sound engineers standpoint and you get severe drone at certain rpm. I had a system on a '69 el Camino and the drone right at the rpm that I would normally run, would drive a person insane. Find out from someone who is actually using the system you want to find out what it is like before buying.
Double check the shipping price...YIKES. I ordered my Magnaflow from Advance Auto Parts in the US and picked it up there to save the minimum $300 shipping fee.
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