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Sep 5, 2013
Owen Sound ON
1978 coupe
So---I bot a new Glove box lock---and---When I removed the old one---Lo and behold----There's no glove box there!---Just a pile of wires. I have wires everywhere. I wanted to drive this toy this summer ---but now ---I think I had better do the inevitable----follow the wire trick!---Here's a pic of the center dash circuit---Can anyone tell me how many bulbs shud be used? Am I missing some?
Next---pic of a Relay with a circuit board on the back---just laying on the floor----it must attach somewhere. Can U identify it?--any help appreciated-
-I am spending hours sorting this stuff out----boB IMG_00001122.jpg


Now seriously Bob who would have thought that a simple upgrade of a glove compartment lock could cause so much grief?

Like Graham I too wonder how you have made out with this. Hopefully you are still on site and working away at this. Better yet, fixed it and back on the road.

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