Jan 26, 2009
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Dear members, my name is Dwayne and I am a 29 year vetern of the CTV television. To get right to the point, the private television broadcaster are in this country are in serious trouble. Globel - TV looks like the "pull" will be pulled on keeping it alive, and CTV future isn't much better.
A Quote from a news story.
'Current regulations in Canada allow cable and satellite companies to take CTV and ‘A’ programming without compensation. These companies then charge you, the consumer, for the programming they take for free. Most TV subscribers in Canada hold the false belief that part of their basic monthly bills goes to their local TV stations. This isn't true. Television service providers, including cable and satellite companies, are reaping huge profits at the direct expense of local Canadian TV stations that are going out of business. As a consumer, you are at risk of losing local programming options on the dial.

I am asking for your help. Please sign a petition at
CTV.ca | Help Save Local Television

And please forward this email onto others.

Now I must jump off the soapbox....:canada:
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