Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
:swear: electrical safety authority - this outfit is unbelieveable - i can't fill in a trench until these idiots show up. been a month now, i can't do any work on 2 sides of the house because of the damn trench. evidently they only do inspections on of which was a holiday. their website is restricted and tells me i am FORBIDDEN !!! ridiculous. anybody else ever had to deal with these morons ? the old system was much better - this stinks :swear:
Sorry to hear about your problem. I had similar issues with them when I was having my hangar built in 2011. And there is nobody you can complain to because believe me I tried several different times with absolutely no success! They just don't give a sh!t. Good luck.
Our son is completely off the grid running from solar panels. He smiles at the end of every month when he doesn't have to send them a cheque. The only time you will see a smiling face is when they want permission to put a pole or pole brace on your property. Perhaps everyone should refuse permission and put the squeeze on them that way every time they ask. The inspectors are in no hurry to get the work done for fear of losing their jobs. They will always have a backlog no matter how slow things get. Things get slow, work slow. Get on the wrong side of them and they will put you wayyyyy down the list. Monopolies are never a good thing, especially government monopolies.
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hydro one is coming tuesday to install the pole and wire but still no word from the damned electrical safety authority. when the municipalities did the inspections things went much more smoothly. i suspect that this E.S.A. is nothing more than a retirement gig for has beens. :swear:
When we built our garage, a retired inspector came out. I already had the Chevelle partially apart in the garage. He talked about the truck he was doing for about half an hour, commented that contractors didn't have the time to be that neat, put his tester in a couple of outlets and left. We didn't even have a plumbing inspector back then here in the country. Now, I think they are out to justify their jobs every way they can so that they don't get cut. You couldn't pay me enough money to build a new place today.
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Established in 1999, the ESA is a delegated administrative authority, an independent, not-for-profit corporation acting on behalf of the Government of Ontario with specific responsibilities for electrical safety.

An example of privatization gone bad by the looks of it.

In our village, a coffee shop had a sandwich board sign out side the store. The bylaw officer came along and told them to take it away or get fined. Pedestrians on our main street are far and few between and the one coffee shop eventually closed up due to the lack of business. Small businesses are already having a hard time surviving. They don't need all this unnecessary hassle no more than Doug does.
not for profit ? at 140 bucks and up, per hour......where does the money go ? agencies like this sap the life out of the economy and encourage people to ignore permits and inspections.

"Not for profit" seems to mean the people at the top become very personally wealthy because they don't put the money back into the company.
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