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Sep 25, 2011
1987 coupe
Wanted to ask what most peoples preferences are,quality,price,sound deadening and ease of applying.
You could use either or even Fatmat, that is what I used on my C5, price is around the same.
Installed when I first put my Corsa Indy Pacecar exhuast on the car and to also kill road noise.
Since then with the engine mods and the Extreme exhaust its become loud again but thats ok
have a new stereo system going in the spring.
I used a heat gun and hair dryer to help form and mold the material over the contoured surfaces.
Also purchase a small wallpaper roller to flatten the material out and get a good bond.
I cleaned the back area and vacuum then with some water and towels and allowed to dry,
try to get any stones or small debris off the surface or you get bumps all over the place.
The doors where very easy after the panel is removed, I just double lined the door cover on the
inside, you can also line the inside of the door (backside of outer door) if you wish.
Very simple and straight forward, easier to work with the material in warmer temperatures.

Here are some pictures.

C5 bare:

C5 Fatmat 2 layers installed:

C5 Foam installed:

C5 Door Panels:
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I did mine three years ago with the Madvet motorsports kit.
I think the whole kit including the box was about 10 lbs.
Did the complete interior. Removed everything except the dash, including Seats, Carpet, door panels.
I doubled up over the wheel wells, taped all the seams.
Made quite a difference in road noise sound and cabin heat levels, much less heat around the console area.
As Greg said its easier to do when the work area is warmer.
Took me a weekend to complete. Very easy & fun mod.

My brother's '06 rag could use some work there especially in the 'waterfall' area.
Seems to get a lot of road noise from there.
I can't see that area being too difficult to do either.

My '11 GS seems a lot quieter than his.

Thanks for sharing pics.
Yes sir , thats the way to go .

I have the Vettenutts kit that use both a foil and a closed cell foam , So you get both heat reduction as well as sound reduction . I am also using using some Dynamat through out as well .

Premium Insulation Layer Ensolite IUO
Thaks Manny, I might just look at doing this with our car. There sure is a lot of heat from underneath. It's definitely something that GM could look at for the C7.

I have a company that we use who make a pre-cut system for the Corvettes that covers both sound deading as well as heat control . I have installed it in my vette and find to make a great difference . We also do our own heat shielding in the tunnel area that really helps to reduce heat .

I have the mad vette insulation kit in my C5, does he doors, floor, trunk, tunnel/consol, pretty much every area, Manny installed it about 4 seasons ago, I was looking for something to quiet down the interior noise after my engine mods and long tubes etc. It only helped a bit re the noise, but made a huge difference in the heat dept......virtually no heat whatsoever coming into the car now.....
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