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Dec 16, 2014
2002 Z06
Can someone recommend a transporter to bring my Z06 from the Listowel Chevy dealer to Edmonton in early June? Is special treatment required to avoid damaging the low spoilers on a Z06? I have been advised that driving it 3800 km would use half the life of the Z07 Michelin Sport Cup 2s.
Hi wilyvet, I am having my car shipped from Edmonton to Ottawa in about 2 weeks, I did my homework and end up with two choices. I decided to go with encloused transport it's about 3600km so I decided it's safer to get it that way.
Option1- Thorsons $2700+HST
Option2- TFX international $2250+HST
Will prabobly go with TFX loewer price and very good reputation, either way you can't go wrong very trustable both of them, good luck, congrats on your car.

Christine Horodnyk


TFX International Specialized Vehicle Transport

11 City View Drive

Etobicoke, ON Canada M9W 5A5

Phone 416.243.8531 ext. #4

Fax 416.243.8886

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