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How to lower a C4:

C4 Corvette lowering procedure.

Time to complete: Front: 3-4 hrs, Rear: 30 minutes
Tools Required:
Lug wrench
2+ ton floor jack
2+ ton jack stands
Various 1"x4", 2"x4" and 4"x4" wood scraps
Ball joint puller
Pointy nose pliers
Metric socket set
Weather-strip cement
Utility knife or Dremel (for removing spring pivots)

Front Procedure:
The car must be lifted in stages to reach this height. If your jack isn't low profile enough, try driving your Corvette's front tires onto some 2x6s first. The Z51 spring is stiffer and therefore less curved than the base spring. Base model vettes must be jacked higher than shown in the photo. Before you do anything, place the car in reverse gear or park, set the parking brake, and you might as well block the rear tires for extra safety. First, break the front lug nuts loose. Open the hood too; it'll be more difficult when the car is jacked up sky high. Next, place a 1x4 piece of wood on your floor jack (to protect the spring channel), and center the jack with the frame, not the engine & crank pulley, which are offset to the side. When you've nearly reached the jack's maximum lift, carefully set the jack stands in place. I prefer to locate them inboard of the factory jacking points, where the folded metal frame curves inward away from the rocker panel. Avoid kinking the nearby brake lines, parking brake cable, and fuel lines. Lower the car onto the jack stands, then add a 4x4 or extra 2x4s onto the floor jack, raise it up higher, raise the jack stands, and set the car back down on them.

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