Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
well the goodies are starting to arrive. my family room is starting to look like a parts store. i just received my new timing light as well,an equus 5568,many neat functions on it. the advance feature and tach will be key to the tuning for the distributor recurve kit. i will be freshening up the q-jet too, the rebuild kit came for it. cleaning the carb should be a breeze as i have access to a friends ultra sonic cleaner, those things do an incredible job.
LOL, by my calculations about 151 sleeps until April. -- and believe me I'm counting every one. It can't come soon enough.:D

Sounds like you've got some mods on the go and ready for spring. The distributor work reminds me of some previous cars tho I haven't messed around with that for some time now. Same with the carb and timing work. LOL, I've been totally spoiled by new tech. I actually miss the old school maintenance and adjustments of yore.

Not familiar with the Equus 5568 -- I'll have to look it up. I do have the basic Equus 3110 which I really like tho. They make some fine tools.

You mentioned an ultrasonic cleaner -- yes they are quite a handy tool: I used one in the fire service for a number of years in our air breathing apparatus program. Very effective.

Tell us more about the '76 and post pics if you can. We've had the pleasure of seeing Greg's (Case75) 75 this past summer and it's a beauty.

Have fun with those mods,

Counting the days 'til spring,
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