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Oct 1, 2014
Decided I couldn't wait until spring and bought the demo 2014 Velocity Yellow C7 from my dealer last Friday, last night, 5 days later, got pulled over. My driving was fine, but to be fair, I still don't have a license plate.

The police man asks a few questions, and takes my license and registration back to his car. After returning, he asks, "Is the car running ?" to which I reply "No." He asks it I mind turning it on. After starting it, he goes "ohhh, nice..." gives me a little smile and wishes me a good night.

So how about it - how long did it take for the cops to pull you over?
Not pulled over yet! I keep trying to keep my right foot under control, but occasionally fail.

Only police interaction was a thumbs up & a smile at a light from a young OPP officer.
Here in Ontario you can be fined for not having plates front and back. A friend got a $130+ fine for having a specialty plate on the front of his Corvette. I had a "Factory Muscle" plate on the front of the Chevelle at the time. I wasn't long getting the proper plate back on. Some people just don't have a sense of humour.
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