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Dec 27, 2009
1989 FX3 Z51 Coupe
I know Corvettes have a tendency to run hot. Mine will climb over 100 celcius in traffic. Last weekend, on a warm day (18 degrees) I was stuck in the Costco parking lot traffic jam (uuuuuggghhhh) and it shot up to 105 degrees Celcius. I have the HD rad and dual cooling fans, don't know if they kicked in or not but the car just idled away, didn't skip a beat. Got on the highway and it cooled right down to 70 degrees. Do you guys think this is about normal temperature ranges or a bit extreme?

Thanks ...

I have a manually activated fan on mine in addition to the stock ones. If it gets up to 175(80) degrees I turn it on. I also have a 170(76) degree thermostat in it, I believe the stock one is 190(88).
The lt-1's run hotter yet due to reverse cooling,the first time mine went past 220 i freaked out,i have been told not to mess with the t-stat or fan programing as stock works best.I did put water wetter in the system last time i flushed it.
I have mine (an 85) in Manny's shop right now for a non operation fan issue. Runs nice and cool on the highway but the temp climbs to hot very quickly in town. We have replaced the fan relay, the temp fan censor and the problem has been traced back to the ECM. The check engine light also comes on intermittently as well as a result of the ECM failure. I have ordered a new one ECM (last one in Canada for my year) and will advise on the outcome once it is programmed and installed.
I think the use of water wetter may be a good idea and will be adding that as well to improve the efficiency of the cooling system (even if it only gives me the cool feeling).
I have an 85 that I recently purchased and it runs hot in stand still traffic. It goes to 228 then the fans cut in and the temp drops. I have done extensive research and these cars run hot in traffic, but on the highway run ok. However, I did change the R45 spark plug to the factory R43TS which is a little cooler spark plug. I hope this info is useful.
I asked a local GM dealership who has a knowledgeable vette guy on C4's. The factory ECM prom kicks on the fans at 106 Celsius. Mine has a Stage 2 performance prom that steps up the temp to 109. As a result, I definitely adding a fan relay bypass switch so that I can manually kick on the fans in traffic. I had one on my Interceptor motorcycle and it worked awesome.
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