Ideal section to speculate/guess/hope/dream about cars possibly delivered by summer '15...rumors, deposits, allocation, pricing, misinformation, secrets, US imports, sketchy Quebec dealers, price gouging, patience, reality, etc.:rofl:

The description sounds like an Oliver Twist movie intro.

I'll all for it!
Yup that would be great... The 'sketchy' dealer comment hits home as my purchase is in Quebec. Even though the dealer went as far as confirming the allocation with the GM District Manager, and then sending me all, including that name, via e-mail stating this allocation was definitely mine alone, I still won't believe anything until I have 2000 status in a system with my order clearly inficated on the GM Order Worksheet. My dealership also has only one allocation. I even went as far as having a bilingual dealer from another dealership call them for me to give me his opinion, a dealer who has a stellar reputation and has been selling Vettes for well over 20 years; he believes that allocation valid.

Ojamali...is there any way they can confirm the allocation? I had heard on another site that, in the US, there may be a six figure code that is representative of that allocation.
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"Sketchy" Quebec dealer comment hits home hard. I won't believe until the order clears 2000. Dealer has one allocation...had another dealer call; he believes!

National Order Management System 1-800-668-5846
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I suggested that you might be an ass fueling the fire on another post and you just confirmed it...let me guess... a bit pissed that you can't jump into the Z06 race? Nobody in Canada has one entered in the system yet, unlike the US. Nobody in Canada knows much of anything until they hit 2000. Nobody in the US will know the same until they hit 2000. Discount coupon... yup... guaranteed in writing, as well as MSRP by the dealer. Am I being led down a wrong path? Maybe. I am prepared for such.

National Order Management System DOES not tell you the location or dealer of any Canadian allocations....but then again you already know that.
Thanks. 28 initial allocations. Unless Chev opens the floodgates, that is it...don't count on any more. I added up every allocation as I went calling all dealers across Canada and will admit, until I heard about those last two they just 'came up with in Quebec' the number was dead on so yes...there may be something odd IF that number stands true. That EXACT number came from several of dealers as I called.

Is it possible the number increased in the last week with the US coughing up a few more seeing as the interest was here? Absolutely. Is it possible Quebec complained and ended up with additional allocations, as I was told? Absolutely. As much as we don't like the reality, don't ever count Quebec out for anything.

The number does also NOT solely follow the amount of Vettes sold in 2014 (ie 1 Z06 for 4 or 5 Stingrays sold) because Newfoundland got an allocation....and they never reached that. The formula actually doesn't add up because a single dealer in Edmonton pulled off 6 allocations right off...on paper...whereas we won't see that from any of the top GTA dealers.
Alright guys, let's just tone down the level a bit. There is a lot of excitement surrounding this car and unfortunately it's in short supply. Discussing and disagreeing with information is fine but be very careful how you do it. Discussions need to be handled with respect on this forum. I'm not pointing to anything specific here but have seen stuff like this degrade before and won't let it happen again.
If I wanted a Z06, I'd get one...with a phone call & no drama.
Very satisfied with my '14 1LT.
NOMS has all the info...you just have to have be "connected". I've been informed of the preliminary '15 CND Z06 allocation & the restricted number of Z07 packages available. Numbers are interesting, broken down by province...let the drama continue until the cars start to arrive. Good luck with Quebec...I'll leave it at that!
BTW...I'll have firm CND "Z" pricing next week.

Thought I might check in on this ... How about that Z pricing? It has been a few weeks now... Any word at all? Any update at all on allocation would help Winnipeg guy as well. There are actually a few floating that might be interested; I unfortunately still have the same info which isn't encouraging.

Many would love your assistance.
So we are talking Chevrolet Corvette Z06, in the 2015 model year, and not a Ninja ZX or Arctic Cat Zr or any other "Z". If you received that list in early September, than you are the only person in the world to have those Canadian prices it seems. In fact that would mean that you are in possession of amazing news as ALL Canadian Z06 buyers are right now wonering about pricing and why they are stalling so, prices possibly being affected by the exchanges reates which aren't so great anymore.

An how about that allocation info....
Just taking you up on your word as you had stated that you would have it over a month ago now... remember.

"BTW...I'll have firm CND "Z" pricing next week."
Patience...GM Canada should have build & price up before the select "28" take delivery.
@C7Jake: you are too funny! And yes I will post the update from GM Autobook Canada as soon as it's released.
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