Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
With the runaway success of Hellcat sales, I can see everyone else getting in on the game with some BIG hp cars coming out before long. The hp race has been heating up for a few years now. With all the Hellcat pile ups, the insurance companies might just step in as they did around 1970 and throw water on the fire. We'll see. It will be interesting.

The Dodge Hellcats are so hot, they got suspended | Fox News
Having had a high hp car I can say that it's very tempting to have all that power under your right foot. Quite intoxicating and something to experience and respect.

Currently I have about 400 hp in a 3500lb car and I'm sure I can get into just as much trouble if I'm not very careful.

Where the hp races will end I don't know but you can bet the insurance companies will step in with higher premiums.

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