Sep 21, 2014
2003 C5 vert
Anyone know where to get a nice one with maybe the C5 logo or 50th anniversary logo?
My original is starting to delaminate and is quite dusty and crappy looking. I plan to start adding some engine enhancments and don't really want to pop the hood and look at this original liner.


I buy quite a bit from them Keith but the only liner I have been able to find is polished stainless. I love the stainless but I'm worried about the insulating factor. What's your thoughts on that?
Maybe I'll remove mine do the repairs and give it a good cleaning.

Hey Bill, try this thread that Manny did a few years ago. I did my liner, so have a look and see what you think. Took about a week counting some days just to let the paint dry , but in the end the effort was worth it. Still looks as good now as when it was finished, which surprised me as I thought it would be affected by the engine heat.

Thanks for all the info guy's but I bit the bullet today and just ordered a new one.
From our dealer here in Caledonia, needs to be shipped from the US so between that and the crappy exchange rate right now I didn't think it was too bad. About 350.00 all in.
Mine was getting fairly crappy looking and the layers were starting to delaminate.

I was thinking I might get Corrado to paint something on the liner before I install it.
Someone have his #?
A friend of mine just received some art for Christmas which was all done from photos of his 72 Chevelle. One of the photos also had the B-25 Mitchel in it from last summer's event that Will's puts on.
I think Corrado was the guy who did the work and it is absolutely gorgeous.
My buddy broke into tears when his wife presented it Christmas morning. lol What a weiner!

Got the new hood liner today as well as fasteners from the steelership. Actually, considering the size of the box I am very happy with the price. Basically took up the whole box on my Ram 2500.
315.00 all together taxes included.
I'm not planning on a big complete mural but I think I would like to have something painted on the liner.

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