I think I said this somewhere else, but I was not really a huge fan of the huge butt on the car when it came out. Now I love the look of the rear end. I like the front a lot more with the Z06 screens. The interior is better than I remember and the fuel economy is awesome. The look keeps growing on me over the years and I hope there will be many more years to come!
I was thinking about the black cover that sticks on the bottom section of the bumper? Sorta like the C6. But now that I look back not so sure??
Isn't that just a portion of the factory bumper painted black rather than the body color?

You can do it that way I suppose,but this is actually a plastic overlay. And it costs,brace yourself,over $500. Maybe thats why it does not look so good anymore.
Well I'm not sure about that lol... But you can put a proper "rough" coat of rock guard and then go over it with proper automotive finish. You could also try box liner coating..

You will also need to add flex agent to the paint or it will crack if the bumper flexes
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