Jan 20, 2014
I have a couple things I want to do to it but its ok for now.


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Well that certainly does look "ok for now"!!! It is stunning.
Nice that you have those aftermarket wheels. Did they require adapters?
That's the colour my '85 should be.
Spoiler nicely follows the contours.
I wanted black with leather but the closest one to me for sale gave me bad feelings . It had just had a new transmission put in it and the guy said it ran perfect other than 1st gear sticking ? So to avoid headaches I got this one that I knew was in great condition .

So I'm leaning towards painting it black with a high rise hood . But still on the fence about it . I have no clue if it needed adapters for those wheels ? Just got the car couple months ago
That's a nice colour for your C4. If it were me, I would leave it be. No colour change. But it's your car, so do as you feel fit. The wheels are a nice touch. Much nicer that the original 87 wheel. As for the pigeon perch on the back end, not my cup of tea...... but a lot of guys love em'. Just my opinion.
Welcome to the forum.
I'll make it unanimous Shane -- I love the colour : Medium Blue Metallic......
Hope you leave it as is ...... Very similar if not the same as Nassau Blue from various years of vettes....very desirable colour.

Again welcome to CCF -- and g/l with the HVAC issue you're dealing with.

You are all correct about the color I like it too . Always liked black but I have read a lot about changing color and if not done properly it can be a real mess ( inside doors etc )
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