Oct 19, 2012
OK so the T-grip on my shifter cracked so I bought a replacement which came with a long metal bar. I thought it was an easy fix, just unscrew the shifter knob and remove old piece and insert new assembly (T-neck & rod). Now I have a problem, I cannot engage 3rd or 4th gears !!!! Also, initially I could not get reverse in either until I "fiddled" with it a while. Any thoughts?
Yes you should be able to access all gears when the car is off. even without depressing the clutch.
3rd and 4th does sound like its out of alignment. This happened to me when I was putting my trans in.
was it in neutral when you took the old t handle out? Have you tried to run the car since? In neutral the shift linkages on the transmission should be straight up and down. If they are out just a little that rod on the t handle will jam up. 3 and 4 is the most forward linkage on the trans. make sure its in neutral and get under the car. move the 3 and 4 linkage forward and back all the way. If it engages the gears while doing that under the car then you know its an alignment issue and can be solved by adjustment. if not then there is a bigger issue. But I kind of doubt it since it was working before.
good luck.

Or your new t handles reverse lockout rod is too long thus jamming up. Thats another job...
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WoW, Hezzy you really know your stuff. I did have it in neutral when I changed the T-grip. I did not think to check the length of the metal rod. I will do that. Thanks for the great info. What do I do if the rod is too long ? Just cut it ?
That is what I would do if that is the case. There is a quick way to check it as well. Lift the t handle up like you were going to put it in reverse but try for 3 and 4 with it up. if it goes, then you know the length is the problem. cutting it will be easy but dont go too short or it will defeat the purpose.

On a side note. Went for coffee with Bearly flying and rocky yo today at timmies. well didnt my trans get stuck in reverse... lol
Got to bleed my clutch again and make sure all my leaks are sealed before I go out again.
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Hey Rocky, it was good to see you again. Hope your trip went well.

Hezzy, There's a thread on the Forum about shifter problems, not sure what it is called.......

Hope you made it home safe.

If you need help with the clutch, give me a shout.
Hey Hezzy, thanks for the information again. Its great to have knowledgeable people to turn to on this forum. I will try the trick yo told me with the T-grip elevated. Also, sorry to hear about your trans getting stuck in reverse.

By the way, is there another Rocky on the forum because I did not have coffee with you guys. It would be great to do so but I live in Toronto and you guys are in Alberta.:seeya:
yea there is another rocky. Rocky pm from red deer. I must have mixed you guys up.
I hope you can get your shifter problem fixed. I try to help but sometimes I go off in left field. lol
Bearly flying.. yea no problem making it home. basically speed shifting up the hill. only needed 1 and 2 to get there. Im going to put it back up on the stands and get to work on my little issues.
Remove trans and take out one shim from behind the release bearing so it doesnt make that racket anymore.
find and repair the little hydraulic leaks in the hoses.
fix a rear seal leak in the engine.
Then I should be good.
I hope.
Have a great day.
Good seeing you too Hezzy. My name is actually Paul but Rocky seems to be sticking. LOL. We will catch up again and i hope you get the little gramlins out of that beautiful car!

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Yea I am getting the bugs worked out. Got the clutch leak fixed now just have to bleed it again. And I managed to get the washer pump to work. YAY!:D

I'll be out again but I really should get the thing appraised and get the registration and all the other administration tied up. Im procrastinating for some reason.
That and School takes up my day.

Rocky yo. Did you manage to get your shifter problem fixed? Ive been curious the last few days.

Have a great day guys.
I took a quick look at it the other day as I have been really busy lately. I tried to see if I could engage 3rd & 4th if I lifted the T-grip. I had some success but odly enough at one point I could get 3rd & 4th but not 1st & 2nd!!! Even reverse was STIFF. Man I just can't win. A friend suggested I get the transmission fluid changed. Does that make sense ?
A friend suggested I get the transmission fluid changed. Does that make sense ?

Well not really if it was ok before, however a friend of mine put synthetic in his trans and he says it has never shifted so well...
Rocky yo,
when you cant access 1-2 or 3-4 does it go over and not move up or down into the gears? or is it hanging up before and not go over to the side you want at all?

If it only stays in one gear side and wont go to the other then your shifter mechanisms are out of alignment.
I suspect that when you lifted the t handle and moved the shifter there was enough "jiggleing" to slip the shifter through to 3-4. thus why you couldnt access 1-2 again. Try moving the shifter up and down slightly as you shift from one side to the other. I bet it goes.
Changing the trans oil wont help this problem.
This is a pretty simple fix as well. It will require you being under the car again. On the shifter rods there are adjustment nuts on the tips. It is a real trial and error thing to do but I think that is where your problem is.
Good news. you dont have to cut that new rod..
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