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Jul 17, 2010
1977 L82
I found this list of options available for the '77. Some options are obvious, some are not. I'd like to know what's in my car

Power Windows (obvious)
Color Keyed Floor Mats (obvious)
Rear Window Defogger (obvious)
Air Conditioning (obvious)
Sport Mirrors (what is "sport mirrors" - since I only have driver's side chrome, I'm assuming that I do not have this option)
Gymkhana Suspension (how would I recognize this?)
Optional Rear Axle Ratio (how do I check? Is there a number stamped on the diff?)
Speed Control (is that cruise control?)
210 hp Engine (I'm told that this is the one I have - the L82)
4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio (I have a 4 speed, but how do I tell which ratio?)
Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission
High Altitude Emission Equipment (what is this?)
Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column (obvious)
White Letter Steel Belted Tires, GR70 X 15
AM/FM Radio, stereo
AM/FM Radio
AM/FM Radio, stereo w/8-track tape
Luggage and Roof Panel Rack (obvious)
California Emission Certification
Aluminum Wheels
Trailer Package

Convenience Group (What is the Convenience group?)
What luck, I have a 77 as well.
Sport mirrors are the body colored streamlined mirrors. They came as pairs with a inside remote control on the door. Gymkhana suspendion is usually identified by a rear stabilizer bar on the car, although it included different shocks and maybe firmer springs. Rear axel ratios are on a tag attached to one of the dif cover bolts. Speed control is the same as cruise control. L82 210hp engine was the optional hiperf motor in 77. The fifth digit in your vin number should be an X which designates the engine as an L82. If there is an L then you have the standard L48 If you have an L48 then a wide ratio 4 speed was the only manual choice. If you have an L82 most of them came with the close ratio box. There may be a tag on the tranny with I.D. numbers. The convience group basically ment you got a delayed turn off of the interior lights when the doors were closed. Most cars have this as it was a very low cost option. All of this info and more are in the corvette black book. A very handy book for vette owners.
Hope thats some help
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